About Us

Proven Results

First Dew provides over 20 years of turf management and customer service experience to our customers, ensuring incredible results and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Utilizing a proprietary, scientifically proven blend of nutrients we are confident that we will make your grass thicker, and greener; and we stand behind that promise.

Personalized Service

At First Dew Turf Management we pride ourselves on not being just another "Green", where the customer is only a number. Our promise to you is that you will receive a detailed lawn health plan, specifically tailored to the needs of your grass.  

More than just grass

What seperates us from the "Greens" is our commitment to establishing personal relationships with our clients. We take pride in not being just another "green lawn care service" or a "grass treatment service". We value those relationships and allow them to drive us to ensure your satisfaction is always at the forefront.